Living Will and Power of Attorney for Personal Care

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A Power of Attorney for Personal Care is often referred to as a “Living Will” although Ontario Law does use the term: Living Will. The term we use in Ontario is “Advanced Care Directive”. But this is not the same as the POA for health care. The POA for health care is the doc that appoints someone to make decisions on your behalf when you have lost capacity. The Advanced Care Directive specifies exactly what you want to have done in certain situations. Eg. You can wright out your treatment wishes if you ever have a terminal condition. Sometimes these can be added into the POA for Health Care as well. Its up to you. The advice we give to many of our clients is to include all of your family that should be included in the POA for Health Care. Whereas in the POA for Property – too many cooks spoil the broth. Its different in the POA for Health Care where more people can be involved in deciding on health care decisions and coming up with the best result.