The Ultimate Estate Plan Package includes:

  • A complete will for you and your spouse (couples package)
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care
  • Power of Attorney for Property
  • LIFETIME updates for when things in your life change
  • Free UNLIMITED signatures and seals on documents a variety of non-estate related documents.

27 Estate Planning Catastrophes and How to Avoid Them

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What is a Will?

What will happen to my property if I don't have a will?

When should a will be changed?

What is the process for getting my estate planning done?

What is probate?

Where should I keep my will?

What is the difference between an executor and a trustee?

Can I select someone living outside Ontario as my executor?

If I have named beneficiaries for my RRSP and life insurance and have different beneficiaries in my will, what happens?

What if my family members can't find my original will when I pass away?

Can my spouse and I have a different back-up executor or do our wills need to be mirrored?

Do I need a lawyer to prepare my will? Is my will not valid if I use an online will template and have my friend witness my signature?

Is there a limit to the number of executors I can appoint?

Can I do my will and powers of attorney myself?

What is probate tax?

My 17 year old child is very mature, can she be my executor?

Still have questions that aren't answered here?

Send us a message or give us a call at 416-477-5673 and we'll be happy to help.


Nancy Houle Business Owner

Get it done!

"Thank you to Maureen Tabuchi for the great estate planning advice today. There is a difference between a personal will and a Corporate will. And if you are a small business owner with assets or IP, get this on your "have to" list today. Get it done!"

Rosalie Rosales Sales Professional

Maureen has been my "go to" for my wife and I as well as my clients.

"Maureen and her team have been at my side since my wife and I were first referred to her for our own personal home purchase. Since then, Maureen has been my "go to" for my clients (real estate, wills and estates), and has represented my family and friends on multiple transactions - 16+ in only 3 years! Thank you Maureen for always being available, for providing caring and transparent advice, and for treating my clients like gold. "

Michael Davidson Real Estate Specialist

Maureen went way beyond what any lawyer would do.

“Maureen helped my wife and I with our Wills. We just had our second child and Maureen went beyond what any lawyer would do. She actually made a house call. This amazing service and helpful attitude makes Maureen easy to recommend to anyone I know personally.”

Jacqueline C. Executive Director

Personable, friendly lawyer who always puts her clients best interest first.

“Maureen has a friendly team of people working within her office and her rates are very reasonable. I would highly recommend Maureen to anyone in need of a personable, friendly lawyer who always put's her client's best interest first.”

Robert Zuzarte Financial Consultant

I make it a point to strongly recommend Maureen.

“Maureen has done an excellent job with my own & several of my client's Wills & their Power of Attorney. I not only tell everyone to have these documents in place, I make it a point to strongly recommend having Maureen draw these up. She is amazing!"

Mandy Meisner Singer, Actor, Makeup Artist

She was sensitive, caring, informal, yet professional.

“Maureen is very outgoing and friendly. She is unlike most lawyers I have ever met, she makes the client feel very comfortable and at ease. We had our will done with her, she was sensitive, caring, informal and at the same time professional. We felt like we were telling a good friend about our wishes.”


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Maureen isn’t your typical lawyer. She’s more like a friend who "happens to be a lawyer". She thrives on helping people with their legal challenges and it’s important to her that you and your family are protected by the law, whether it’s an estate plan, a real estate purchase or a friendly divorce.

She left her fast paced job as a Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer with E&W on Bay Street as she felt she wasn’t fulfilling her true purpose in life. She started her own practice that allowed her to give back to her community, helping real people with real goals and dreams.

With both a law and tax degree, Maureen is more than capable of ensuring your estate plan is sound and as someone who considers herself a “friend to all” her heart ensures she’s serving you from a place of authenticity and compassion.

Maureen truly is one of a kind. She and her firm can have your estate plan completed easily and quickly. You know you need a will, so let Maureen and her team help you get this done.

27 Estate Planning Catastrophes and How to Avoid Them

This 30 page report is full of avoidance strategies and tips to ensure you have a well thought out estate plan in place. Enter your name and email below and we'll send you the report right away.

We will never spam you and you can unsubscribe at anytime.

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